Runsom Precision--Your Reliable Precision Components Supplier

CNC Machining ServiceRunsom Precision Co.,Ltd established since 2005 is a professional customized ,high precision machined components manufacturer based in China.With years experience in the manufacturing and services of CNC machined parts,precision engineering components,custom machined parts,Precision CNC machining service, injection moulding parts and die casting parts, we have established a high reputation for our high quality and nice service.We are able to provide one-stop services from initial concept  to finished products.Runsom Precision was established to give support  to companies in the industries fields who continually need to reduce their costs and meet tight deadlines. Our purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing first-class project management control and problem-free products.


Why choose Runsom Precision?


1.Strict Quality Control
After almost 10 years business operation for CNC machining service,high precision machined components, Runsom Precision has ability to provide worldwide customers with high quality and close tolerance precision machined components.It is the policy of Runsom Precision to deliver problem-free products and services on time.We know the need for quality and accuracy in every project and component.Runsom Precision takes every notes seriously on customer's drawings and adheres to the strict industry standards in precision machining.


2.Complete and efficient project management
We know that a successful project depends on successful management. This includes effective scheduling of the workflow, good communication between internal and customer and good control of the manufacturing process.
The experienced project engineers will customise and provide customer with individual service from start to finish. At the beginning of project, we will review the entire project design, make detailed plan and progress estimation. During the manufacturing, project engineer will make regular timing plan ensure that you can get the detailed information about the process of each parts which have been machining. Highly transparent project management system and quick responsiveness are the key points to ensure the delivery time. We provide reporting of information, scheduling and supervision to meet your requirements from detailed quotations to weekly progress reports.


Customer Service:

high precision machined componentsAt Runsom Precision, we are committed to our customers and to ensuring that their every need is met. Our customer service is based on effective, two-way communication and a company-wide goal to provide exceptional quality.We value customer feedback.Customers have valuable insights to share with us.

In order to establish an effective partnership with our customers,we ensure that we are accessible to them before, during and after project is complete. We promise a close working relationship so that our customers can easily communicate any concerns or questions they have, Internal communication is of equal importance to our customer service goals.Effective communication between the personnel involved in a project ensures that challenges are met head on and resolved before they become problems.


In addition,we provide not only the tools and parts but also relative service like prototype, design, assembly and consultant.Working with non-stop innovation,treating clients with honesty, dealing business with trust,manufacturing with excellence, is our consistent pursuit,We are looking forward to creating best relationship with you in future.

Just one phone call, or e-mail to us and you'll see we are ready for you at any time